The Amazing Beginnings


Activity 1: Sorting and naming triangles

Activity 2: All about metric cubes

Activity 3: What is special about 60?

Activity 4: A famous 3D object

Chapter 1: Mesopotamia

Activity 5: Where are we?

Activity 6: Babylonian numbers – in the “first” place

Activity 7: Babylonian numbers – in the “first two” places

Activity 8: The circle and the number 360

Activity 9: Name that triangle

Activity 10: Right-angled triangle triples

Activity 11: Babylonian mathematics word search

Chapter 2: The Egyptians

Activity 12: Where in the world is Egypt?

Activity 13: The Egyptian number system

Activity 14: Decoding Egyptian hieroglyphics

Activity 15: Multiplication by doubling

Activity 16: Using Egyptian numbers to multiply

Activity 17: An eye for fractions

Activity 18: Greedy algorithms

Activity 19: Resourceful rope stretchers

Activity 20: Working all the right angles

Activity 21: Working with degrees

Activity 22: Egyptian mathematics word search

Chapter 3: The Indus Valley

Activity 23: The early centres of mathematics

Activity 24: Reading and writing Indus numbers

Activity 25: Multiply mentally with algebra methods

Activity 26: Working with weights

Activity 27: Perfect bricks

Activity 28: A triangular-based altar plan

Activity 29: Using circles to draw a square

Activity 30: Indus civilisation word match

Chapter 4: The Mesoamerica

Activity 31: Mapping the Mesoamericans

Activity 32: Magnificent Maya

Activity 33: Cracking the Dresden Codex

Activity 34: One number, two meanings

Activity 35: A place for zeros

Activity 36: The Maya Calendar Round

Activity 37: A time keeper for the long haul

Activity 38: Aztec pictographs

Activity 39: Aztec area activity

Activity 40: The artsy Aztecs

Activity 41: Maya and Aztec word match

Chapter 5: The Inca

Activity 42: Keeping in contact?

Activity 43: Reading a quipu

Activity 44: Showing a number on a quipu

Activity 45: Using an Inca “abacus”

Activity 46: The Inca yupana calculating board

Activity 47: Analysing angles

Activity 48: Walking the Inca Trail

Activity 49: Creating a catenary

Activity 50: Inca civilisation crossword puzzle

Chapter 6: Early Chinese

Activity 51: Great Wall of China

Activity 52: Reading rod numerals

Activity 53: Drawing rod numerals

Activity 54: Negative numbers

Activity 55: Magic squares

Activity 56: The Sagrada Família number square

Activity 57: A special triangle

Activity 58: One number with infinitely many digits

Activity 59: Pascal’s triangle

Activity 60: Chinese mathematics crossword puzzle