The gallery is open to the public as a venue to explore, study, research, and generally ponder and investigate mathematical ideas. The displays and libraries will inform and entertain. It is hoped that short information as well as Q&A sessions can be arranged on a regular basis to explore and explain mathematical topics of common interest.


The mission of the Mathema Foundation is to involve the wider community in educational experiences to gain greater understanding and knowledge about all aspects of good mathematics. To this end, the foundation will strive to provide a forum and a venue to show and share a range of good learning experiences based on old and new mathematical ideas. The Foundation supports activities to engage groups within the community to learn more about mathematics – past, present and future – that is relevant to their study, work or area of interest. Generally, these will be hands-on experiences involving the mathematical focus of the workshop.


The Foundation will assist to bring together individuals with the aim of exchanging ideas for a particular topic involving the discipline of mathematics. Special focus will be given to topics that are under- represented in school mathematics. These might include the role of mathematics in art and design, computational thinking in the primary grades, learning useful statistical techniques, and so on. The Foundation will also provide a venue for small groups to meet for these exchanges.


The Foundation will prepare and conduct friendly competitions involving interesting mathematics topics. Each event will have a mathematical focus which promotes novel tasks or tools.


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